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Take Out A Loan


Many translated example sentences with “borrow” – English-German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Many examples of loan recordings – Italian-German dictionary and search engine for millions of Italian translations. The translation for ‘take out a loan’ in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations. Many examples are “borrowing” – Gideon ordered and search engine for Swedish translations. To borrow up to the maximum amount set out in the Financial Regulation, unless other resources are available to the Fund “.

To take out a loan

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There are a number of important aspects to consider when borrowing. In addition to the amount of the interest, these are the monthly installments, the repayment agreements and any fees. A continuous installment payment process over the entire duration to maturity of the receivable requires reliable preliminary planning. Receiving a loan also means choosing a fixed rate of interest equal to the current interest rate level.

Low interest rates can be secured over long terms and protect against the risk of interest rate hikes. Anyone who wants to take out a loan would not like to face a funding shortage during their tenure. The most common loan is therefore the annuity loan. They are consistently high monthly and consist of the contractual interest and principal payments.

Below a favorable interest rate level, the borrower can hedge this condition in the long term. If you save here, you can arrange an increased repayment. 2. In addition, the due dates must be observed.

o take out a loan

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For example, starting in 2001, the hospital operator in Carinthia, which since 1997 is one of the market-oriented companies, is to take out a loan for the entire disposal. Since 2001, the hospital company, which has been a trading company since 1997, had to take out a loan in order to cover the entire shortfall.

For reasons of simplification, it is also envisaged that, if the price of crude oilseeds remains below the loan rate, producers will not have to borrow, but can claim a loan default payment in the order of magnitude of the market price differential with the loan rate. In addition, the procedures should be simplified rather than obtaining a loan when the market value of oilseeds is below the interest rate, resulting in a reduction in costs.

In order to pay these higher compensation payments to agricultural producers

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They had to take out two loans which had to be repaid over a period of ten years (see recitals 16 and 17). In order to pay such a high compensation to the producers of agricultural products, two loans had to be used, which would be repaid over a period of ten years (see recitals 16 and 17).

However much each one of us may be interested in getting cheaper loans or making lucrative investments, tomorrow an Italian customer will not get credit from a d? Although we could all benefit from cheaper loans for more profitable investments, it is not as likely that an Italian customer tomorrow to a d?

Although students in all states can in principle borrow, they are considered as an essential feature of student support only if more than 5% of all students take such loans. Although in principle it is possible to obtain loans in all states, these are considered to be one of the most important forms of study funding if more than 5% of students take out such loans.

First of all, I would like to say that I fully agree with the conditions approved by the European Parliament: The European Union is doing the following: In granting loans to the three Member States that use the balance of payments facility, the European Union will use the loans from the European Union And lends it to exactly the same terms and conditions that are much more advantageous to these countries than those granted to them for direct borrowing on the financial market.

In most Member States, the debt is so high that it can not borrow new money, but on the contrary, it is mining mountains of debt. The Maggior Omani members are so highly regarded that they can not borrow new money. Only 27% of respondents seem to be aware of their right to borrow or to invest in one of the banks in the European Union.

which does not operate outside the credit market and which could have borrowed at market prices as an alternative to the aid, compensates for the reimbursement effect. If the aid is granted in the form of a loan at a price below market cost (as in the case of a guaranteed loan, if the total cost of financing is lower than the interest rate of a loan on the market), the company which is not excluded from the credit market and which is therefore not excluded.