Purchase of credit and rental investment


This type of project requires upstream consideration of various future expenses, and the purchase of credit can facilitate and reduce costs, explanations!

The rental investment seduces the French

Rental investment is increasingly valued by the French wishing to ensure a sustainable and regular source of income. And for good reason, investing in a property that is intended for renting is a safe investment that provides long-term financial security, regardless of the variations in the real estate market (this type of property will always value).

To embark on this type of project, the contraction of the real estate loan dedicated to the purchase of the chosen property is the first step in the process. But this is not the only financial aspect that will have to be taken into account. We will not forget to count the notary fees associated with the accession of the property, any work to be done, but also the possible costs of condominiums, and later, the annual property and land tax. To calculate all the costs is essential to have a solid project which is not a financial abyss. Because even if the rent paid by the tenant can cover monthly payments of the mortgage, other costs may arise and as the owner, it will take action and do what is necessary quickly.

Future landlords can also take advantage of state tax exemption schemes. For this they have the opportunity to choose a device, which meets different specific criteria such as the tax aid “Old Cosse”, which replaces the old Besson and Borloo devices, and allows owners renting an old home for social purposes to benefit from a reduction on its rents ranging from 15 to 85% of their amount. But there are also rental investment devices Pinel, in the new or similar, and Censi-Bouvard, for purchases of goods furnished in residences services (seniors, students, Ehpad).

Purchase of real estate loan for rental investor

real estate loan,rental investor

Buying a home loan for a rental investment may be a windfall especially when you have other loans in progress. This may be a mortgage on his principal residence, a consumer credit, or various debts. Repurchasing loans will consolidate loans to meet a single monthly payment and spread payments over a longer period to reduce the cost.

We can also renegotiate rates. When buying credit, we can take advantage of it to integrate the budget dedicated to the possible work to be done in order to respect its commitments of lessor. To ensure the profitability of a loan buyback including a rental investment, we will contact a dedicated expert, to study his file accurately and to know all the benefits.